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Climate Change Adaptation in Industrial Areas

Climate Change Adaptation in Industrial Areas

The Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) Project for Industrial Areas of AP and TS is assisted by the German Federal Agency of Economic Affairs (BMZ) and is being carried out by INTEGRATION Environment and Energy GmbH, Adelphi Consult and Ifanos Concept & Planning of Germany on behalf of the Deutsche GesellschaftfürInternationaleZusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. This project has a commitment of EUR 2.5 million from the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) for a 3 year period commencing from April 2015 and ending in April 2018.

This CCA Cooperation Project with Germany will help to proactively take measures in Industries and Industrial Parks to adapt to Climate Change and overcome the associated negative impacts and risks for continuation of business by industries. The project will also help developing methods and tools, plans for climate-resilient industrial area development and implement the measures on pilot basis in selected existing and new Industrial Parks in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to reach overall objective of project as “Key decision –makers and planning authorities are able to plan and design existing and new industrial areas to be more climate-resilient.”

The project indicators are: (CCA Brochure)

  1. Two-state –level government institutions use the risk analysis and methodology devised for the climate –resilient development and retrofitting of industrial areas in their planning process and in the formulation of rules and procedures
  2. Two state governments or private sector organizations have integrated the subject of climate adaption for the industrial sector in to their strategies / policies
  3. One of the selected industrial development agencies has considered climate risks in at least50% of its planned investments for the financial year 2017 (e.g. land acquisition, development, infrastructure expansion and retrofitting of industrial areas.
  4. Four industrial areas / parks (two existing and two new parks from each state) are implementing the climate-resilience measures prioritized in their adaption and development plans.

Present status of the project:

  1. Under Indo-German Development Cooperation, the consortium of consultants INTEGRATION Environment and Energy GmbH, Adelphi consult and Ifanos concept & planning of Germany, has prepared guidelines for plantation under Telangana ku Haritha Haaram, a flagship programme of the Telangana Government.
  2. A planning workshop on Climate Change Adaption for IPs in both the states was conducted during August 25-26, 2015 to appraise the participants about the CCA and carried out Working Group activities using GIZ Project Management Tools for planning of CCA Project.
  3. Developed a strategy document for implementation of the “Climate Change Adaptation Project (CCA)” in industrial areas of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for sustainable industrial development
  4. Carried out Capacity Needs Assessment studies to understand the needs of capacity development of different stakeholders on policy, technical, regulatory, financial, planning and implementation, managerial and organizational and other processes.
  5. To provide baseline data on the climate exposure and climate impact on Industrial Parks (IPs) and climate adaptability status for enabling them for building up on CCA measures in future, a systematic screening was undertaken at all IPs of Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (TSIIC) and selected 5 existing and 5 upcoming IPs.
  6. As per the objective of CCA Project, to select pilot IPs for implementing CCA measures, a Rapid Climate Risk Analysis studies were conducted in shortlisted 6 Existing IPs and 4 New IPs and assigned impact ranking based on the Hazard exposure, Susceptibility, Resilience.
  7. CCA Steering Committee (SC)was constituted with concerned government officials and conducted its 1stmeeting on February 16, 2016. The Committee finalised One Existing Part(IP JEEDIMETLA) and One New HYDERABAD PHARMA CITY (Mucherla) as pilot parks to implement CCA measures.
  8. To make proposals to obtain Climate finance for industrial parks, a report was prepared to provide an updated climate financing overview of sources, actors and instruments relevant for IPs and also procedural aspects of climate financing.
  9. To implement CCA measures in selected pilot IP Jeedimetla, baseline studies have been prepared
  10. Compilation of EXISTING BEST PRACTICES of CCA in IP – National & International scenario
  11. EXISTING RULES / REGULATIONS / POLICIES of Climate Change Adaption in IPs – National & International scenarios
  12. To make existing and upcoming industrial areas in Telangana more climate resilient, the guidelines document is developed to anchor the consideration of CCA in the planning process one of new industrial areas as well as in further development and refurbishment of existing ones
  13. MANUAL-1: This manual includes the tools required to execute a climate risk analysis for existing and upcoming industrial areas and also provides a sound baseline to further plan and implement concrete adaption measures both in terms of infrastructural and operation, management and maintenance of IPs in TSIIC
  14. MANUAL-2: this manual includes the engineering measures required to translate the results of the risk analysis into concrete adaption measures
  15. POLICY: The policy is setting the frame for TSIICs strategy to promote and implement adaptation of existing and upcoming industrial areas in Telangana to make the state industry and economy more climate resilient
  16. 2nd-CCA Steering Committee (SC) of TSIIC meeting was conducted on March 1st, 2017 under the chairmanship of principal secretary of industries and decisions taken to : Use Risk Analysis and methodology while planning new IPs, creating awareness and capacity development, Policy mainstreaming and Up scaling and support and implementation etc.,

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