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Road Cutting / ROW Permissions

      Road Cutting / Right of Way(ROW) Permissions

Process Flow


Road Cutting Permissions


  • i) Online Application Submission by the Applicant
  • ii) Application Scrutiny, Physical Verification by the Commissioner / EO of the respective IALA and Final Approval Within6 days after receiving the Application
  • iii) Payment of Fees by Applicant after Clearance
  • iv) Final Permission Letter Issued – Within1 day after payment of Fees
  • Final Permission Letter will be issued within07 Days of the Application provided all application documents are in order and no delay in fee payment.


The applicant should submit the application form along with all the necessary documents stated in the below and pay the fees online itself for getting the approval.

  • i) Covering Letter Requesting the Road Cutting / Right of Way Permission.
  • ii) Route/Road Map with Clear Road Dimension Details, Planned Activities, Location/Address


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